Here’s a page from the ol’ sketch book that I decided to through some quick colors on. I think it would be cool to do a crossover between Batman and the Italian comic character Diabolik and set it in the 60’s. I’ve never read a Diabolik comic so my idea of him is completely based off the movie Danger Diabolik. He seems to me to be a lot like Batman, but he’s a bad guy, and his sidekick is his hot girlfriend, Eva. I would want Batman to be a "cool version" of the Adam West Batman. Think the Adam West kind of look with a animated series kind of attitude.

Another DC comic, European comic crossover that will never happen, but that I think would be really cool: Superman-Metabaron

And here’s Lauren’s Poetry Corner!

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11 Responses to Entry 103: BATMAN-DIABOLIK

  1. bougieman says:

    I love DANGER DIABOLIK so much! They both have their own batcaves, too.

  2. black13 says:

    Diabolik is more like the French supervillain Fantomas, who could be considered one of the proto-Batmen.
    If you want to see a Japanese Fantomas/Diabolik riff, watch the movie K-20. That one’s a ton of fun.

    • Thanks for the info. I didn’t know anything about Fantomas. I looked him up to see what I could learn. I found that there was at least one Fantomas-Sherlock Holmes crossover. This would be kind of like that I imagine.
      I’ll have to check out K-20.

      • black13 says:

        I don’t read X-Men books, but from what I gather the X-villain Fantomex that Grant Morrison created is also a Fantomas riff.
        I was introduced to Fantomas through the series of French action comedies from the 1960s/early 1970s. I had no idea he had originally been a French pulp character.
        BTW, I have some English Diabolik comics, published in the 1990s by Scorpion Press. I don’t know if they’re still available, but you could, if you want, keep an eye out for them at cons.

  3. jasoncm says:

    Man, I really find cool adam west there super-appealing. I’d totally want to read a book about him.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Love the idea. Keep us up to date as to when it will be published.

  5. patentdragon says:

    Must remember I just got the Danger Diabolik movie on DVD – this looks particularly cool!

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