Entry 93: Massive Sketch Dump

Like the subject reads, this is a massive convention commission/sketch post. I’ve done a few shows over the last couple month and I’ve managed to take pictures of a lot of the drawing that I did at those shows using my crappy phone camera.
So without any further ado-

the end

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9 Responses to Entry 93: Massive Sketch Dump

  1. bougieman says:

    MMMMMAAAAAN these are tre’ amazing! love the Storm and Daredevil ones!
    How much paypal would you charge me for a black and white (and gray) commission sketch of Sasori (aka female convict scorpion) armed with a knife (Google image search: “female convict scorpion” for reference) and including shipping to Canada?

    • My current policy is to not do any commissions except convention commissions, but your request is an interesting one. I might consider going against my policy. I’m curious to watch this movie now though.

  2. wirrrn says:

    These are awesome. Love Wolverine and the Xenomorph. I particularly like the way you draw Gambit…

  3. So now we need to get you doing both Warlock and the Punisher.
    Which, now that I think about it, would be a great team-up.

    • When drawing Punisher I find myself thinking, “What would Jorge Zaffino do,” and with Warlock, who I’ve never drawn before, I tried thinking, what would Bill Sienkiewicz.” Actually the guy who asked for the Warlock gave me an old Sienkiewics comic for reference and let me keep it. Sienkiewicz was at that show and I went right over and got that comic signed.

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