Entry 70: The DW Check List

The title of this entry says "Check List." I presume everyone who visits here is trying to get everything I’ve ever done. I can’t blame you, it’s all pretty awesome. 
Seriously though, a lot of times, when I’m looking at an artist’s blog or web-sight I find, if I like their work, that I want to know where I can find their work in print and what I should be looking for specifically. Seeing stuff on the internet is fine but it’s not like having it in print. I also like knowing when in their career an artist created a certain piece. I like putting it in the context of their development.
So I thought I would put up a list of everything that I’ve had published in the order of when I did it rather than when it was published and include a little note about each thing. So, though I don’t presume that you’ll be checking things off this list, I do presume that it’s somewhat interesting. Of course I make that presumption every time I post anything. So here you go.
A lot of this stuff will eventually get covered in a "blast from the past" post on this Live journal.

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