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Entry 74: Aeon Con Sketch

I found this on line. It’s a convention sketch I did at this past Emerald City convention. I remember the guy was doing a sketchbook where he asked the artist to just do a piece related to their favorite Sci-Fi. … Continue reading

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Entry 73: X-Men Legacy Annotated-Part 1

In this post I’m showing you all the penciled pages for X-Men Legacy #226. And I’ll be talking about just what went into each page. It will be like a dvd commentary. So here we go!

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Entry 72: X-Men Legacy 227

X-Men Legacy 227 IS OUT! Pay for it. Then have it. If you like to own things that you didn’t once own, this is the comic for you.Here are some preview pages. Click- View big- judge!  

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Entry 71: Ghost Riders Heaven’s on Fire #4

Alright! My first cover for Marvel is done and here it is. This will be the cover for Ghost Riders: Heaven’s on Fire #4. I’ve done a few sketches of GR in my sketch books over the years but I’ve … Continue reading

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Entry 70: The DW Check List

The title of this entry says "Check List." I presume everyone who visits here is trying to get everything I’ve ever done. I can’t blame you, it’s all pretty awesome. Seriously though, a lot of times, when I’m looking at an … Continue reading

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