Entry 67: X-Men Legacy 226- out next week.

From The Adventures of Thing Thing to this. X-Men Legacy 226 will be out next week, July 8! Here’s a peek at the first 5 pages in black and white.

These pages were faithfully inked be Ed Tadeo. This issue was my first time sending my penciled pages over the internet to the inker for him to then print out and ink. Which means I get to keep all my original penciled pages. It’s booth cool and not so cool. On the one hand I get to keep all my pages and not have to split them up with an inker, but on the other hand none of them are inked, and I like ink. Also, that means there are 2 originals, one in pencil and one in ink. I suppose, for a collector it would be really sweet to have both the pencils and inks side by side.

Here are the same pages in color with text.

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12 Responses to Entry 67: X-Men Legacy 226- out next week.

  1. Your Gambit looks so much like you. That’s super cool, you’re an X-man!

  2. bougieman says:

    You the man, Dustin! Great stuff!

  3. papperr says:

    Yeah! I was so glad when I first saw the preview of your work on legacy! Can you give a hint, how many issues will be pencilled by you? Great stuff!

  4. wirrrn says:

    Awesome art. Particularly yummy Cyclops!

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