Entry 52: From the Land Beyond

This past weekend I went down to Sacramento for the "From the land Beyond" Sci Fi and Horror convention. Me and Lauren had a great time chatting with fans and our table neighbors. I want to thank all the Star Wars comic fans who stopped by and said hi.
 Though the show wasn’t a big draw for art collectors and sketch and commission seekers I did do some sketching just for fun while I sat there. These are the sketches I did.

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2 Responses to Entry 52: From the Land Beyond

  1. snar_fled says:

    All three of these sketches are pretty awesome. The first is very Juan Gimenez, but I actually like it better than the Gimenez stuff I’ve seen. You really need to get some Dustin Weaver shoulder pads. They can go with the gold embroidered “Dust” cape.

    • Thanks! Yeah, with the first sketch I was definitely thinking of Gimenez. Specifically his cover to “The Fourth Power.”
      Now that I’m working on X-Men I think it’s time I start embroidering that cape. It’s pretty certain that I’m going to be on the Wizard’s top 10 list after this baby comes out. I think a cape is in order. You don’t think the shoulder pads are to much tho?

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