Entry 47: Rebellion #15 OUT TODAY

This baby is out today. So go pick it up, why shouldn’t you? The Travis cover alone makes it worth it. If you’re not convinced here’s a preview of some interior pages… still not interested in picking it up. Well, what if I said please. It’s the magic word. Does the magic word do anything for ya?…

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3 Responses to Entry 47: Rebellion #15 OUT TODAY

  1. aimo says:

    Will do this weekend!
    Interiors look sweet because of the tight rendering of the backgrounds and characters. How many issues of Rebellion are you working on?

    • I’ve done issues 15 and 16. After that the book goes on hiatus for a year. When it comes back… who knows.

    • nate51 says:

      Picked it up and read it yesterday. Great art! It’s nice to see your take on some of the OT characters. And I still think you do the best Celeste Morn.
      Any idea what you’ll be working on next? More KOTOR? I know you’ve done a Legacy cover (which is great); do you know if you’ll get to do any of those issues?

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