Entry 46: Jelly of the Month

This month’s Jelly of Month subject is Hanna-Barbara. I considered doing a Scooby piece and even a Jetsons piece, but ultimately I decided to do something not as well known, Dynomutt, Dog Wonder and Blue Falcon. Thees characters being super heroes puts them right up my alley, as I am a comic book guy. I drew these guys in high school along with characters like Inspector Gadget and fantasized about revamping them for comics. It was really fun revisiting them now. You can check out the other contributions at the Jelly of the Month

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One Response to Entry 46: Jelly of the Month

  1. duke_nectar says:

    On a related note….
    It was really cool meeting you in person at the con, and that mohawk you were rocking was very impressive….

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