Entry 39: Rebellion 15

  This is a quick sketch of Luke in a costume that he will be wearing in Rebellion #15 and 16. This is also about the only art I’m allowed to show at the moment from these issues. Rebellion 15 and 16 will be parts 7 and 8 of the 12 part Star Wars crossover, Vector. And they are being drawn by me:) It’s really exciting for me to get to work on this era of Star Wars. After working on Star Wars comics for the last couple years I’m finally getting to draw some classic characters and ships. Till now I’ve only drawn books that take place in the Knights of the Old Republic era. It’s been fun, but I haven’t really had the geek out moments drawing Kotor that I’m having on Rebellion.
  Also, I’m finally getting a Travis Charest cover for one of my issues! Travis did the first 6 covers for the Kotor series and stopped there just as I came on the series. Then he did the cover for #25 right after I left on issue 24. But now, I finally get a Travis cover, and what a cover. I’m posting it below. Out of the 3 vector covers he’s done so far this is my favorite.
 This issue is set to come out July 30.

Below: Travis Charest’s cover
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8 Responses to Entry 39: Rebellion 15

  1. aimo says:

    Can’t wait to see your rendition of the classic cast, especially Luke and Han 😀

  2. yodazone says:

    Luke looks kool as hell in that one !

  3. It has a very “shadows of the empire” vibe. Don’t know if you remember that game it was for the N-64, and the protagonist was named Dash Rendar. OMG I’m having a star wars geek moment.

    • I’ve never played that game. In fact, I don’t play video games that much. It might surprise some people to know that I’ve never played ether of the Kotor games. I researched them, but I’ve never played them. This costume I did for Luke was inspired by a concept design for the Rebel troop Hoth gear in Empire Strikes Back. Maybe the designers of that game drew on that same inspiration.

  4. nate51 says:

    looks cool
    Hey, I’m pretty stoked about these issues. I haven’t collected Rebellion yet, but I’m definitely getting it for the Vector crossover. Do you think they’ll keep you on Rebellion for awhile? Or do you think you’ll be coming back to KOTOR? I know Brian Ching started out the series, but to me, your versions of Zayne, Gryph, Jarael, etc are the definitive ones. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that you get some more arcs in the series…

    • Re: looks cool
      Thanks, man! I’m not sure what I’m doing after these Rebellion issues. I know that Rebellion is going on hiatus for a while after my issues. Not sure at this point if I will be a part of it when it comes back or if I’ll be doing more Kotor or what. I’d like to do more Rebellion. It would also be cool to come back to Kotor for a really kick ass story arc… Well see;)

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