Entry 32: KotOR #30 cover

Another cover by yours truly. What was fun for me with this cover and the last was drawing these super buff alien guys. It reminded me of all the excessively muscular heroes I used to draw when I first got into reading comics. With this cover I was mentally referencing Jim Lee’s covers to Uncanny X-Men #267 and his Batman Hush cover #612.
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7 Responses to Entry 32: KotOR #30 cover

  1. gdg says:

    that’s rockin’ cool 🙂

  2. darkyo says:

    heh, I like Zayne’s expression, he’s all like HUURGHHHHAIHKF akjhfsajfaksjgh hehe

  3. Feln’s looking pretty manly, there. Somebody should warn the GFFA’s male population; their girlfriends are likely to leave them. 😛 And . . . yes, I’d say Zayne’s face matches his situation quite nicely. XD
    Good work, Mr. Weaver!

  4. I really do like this one. It may be your best cover yet.

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