Entry 31: INDY-cision…

 Dark Horse is launching a five issue Indiana Jones miniseries titled “Indiana Jones and the Tomb of the Gods.” Wizard magazine had a small article announcing the project with me as the artist and showing an exclusive piece of art by me. It’s my first time being mentioned in Wizard magazine or having a piece printed. It’s very exciting. It would be even more exciting if it were true. I’m actually not doing the series. I was going to do the series. I had been talking with the editor, Jeremy, and writer Rob for a while about doing it and gearing up to do it. It was almost certain that I would be drawing this series. I was just waiting till Jeremy and Rob had hammered out the story and gotten it approved by Lucas film. The longer it took for them to get an approved script the less lead time I had. It got to a point where it was clear that, if they wanted this series to come out at the same time as the movie, they would need someone who could do it a lot faster than I could. My past track record showed that I would take to much time on the work. So it was decided by Dark Horse and LF to get a different artist. It was very disappointing for me. I was really getting pumped on drawing Indy and I think Rob has really got a good story going. But they’re right, If I had done the book it probably would have been late. There wasn’t enough lead time to make the book as cool as I wanted to make it.
 The good news is that I get to stick with Star Wars for a bit longer. More on that later:)
 The picture that Wizard ran is just a sketch I did of Indy. Here are some more sketches.

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13 Responses to Entry 31: INDY-cision…

  1. danboyd says:

    The sketch with Indy smiling looks great. Really sharp looking stuff. It’s too bad you couldn’t work on the series.

    • Not all of these sketches were from reference, but that one definitely was. With a character like Zayne, from Kotor, it seems fine to have your own take on him. Not just in the way you draw him, but in how he acts. You’re like an actor bringing out what you want to bring out of that character. But with Indy, it seemed to me that capturing Harrison Ford AS Indy was very important. I just don’t think that Indiana Jones is as strong a character with out Harrison’s charisma.

  2. That’s kind of a bummer, but even mistakes are good press 🙂
    I’m sure this’ll translate into more work for you.
    Nice sketches too

  3. gdg says:

    hey, man – great indy pictures. 🙂
    sucks to hear that they had to go with someone else, but i’m sure you’ll have a billion huge awesome opportunities on the road ahead – and of course, you’re on star wars right now, and that’s no small potatoes. heh

    • No. It’s not. In fact, when I was first asked if I wanted to do Indy I hesitated to say yes. I just didn’t think it would be as fun to draw as Star Wars. What really got me excited about doing Indy was that it was a new series that I could help create from the start. I’m now working on some more Star Wars and having a blast on it. It’s all good.

      • gdg says:

        i hear ya.. i love the indy movies, but given the choice between the two properties, i would choose star wars in a heartbeat. 🙂

  4. nate51 says:

    Too bad you won’t be doing Indy… these sketches look fantastic. But I’m hoping you stay on KOTOR as long as possible anyway. By far, you’re my favorite artist right now. I think I even prefer your style to Doug Wheatley’s…
    Anyway, I definitely look forward to more stuff, regardless of what title it’s under. And you never know. If the new movie is as successful as everyone hopes, then you’ll probably get another shot at some Indy arcs.

  5. gatodama says:

    Sorry about the Indy job, but congrats on the Wizard piece. It is a stunning work of art. So much energy!
    The sketches…wow. I love your sketches!

  6. planetmatt says:

    That’s too bad… Great Indy sketches…. You’d be kick ass on an Indy book.
    Kudos, my friend. 🙂

    • Thanks, man. I’m patiently waiting to see the next How to draw Star Wars video. Great stuff. If anyone who is reading this hasn’t checked out Matt’s live journal you should do it.

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