Entry 26: Lord of the Rings Sketch Cards

 As promised in entry 23, here are just some of the LOTR sketch cards I did over Christmas. In entry 23 I said that I had done 203 cards. I actually did 206 but 3 of them were of Saruman and Christopher Lee, the actor who played Saruman, has likeness rights. Therefore you can’t draw Saruman. If I had read the contract thoroughly the first time I would have known that. Luckily I checked again before I did more that those 3 cards. Still I felt pretty dumb about that. I assume those 3 cards will be destroyed. Too bad.
 If you are unfamiliar with sketch cards, they are actual cards with actual sketches drawn right on them. Topps hires a group of artists to do enough sketch cards to have at leased 1 card per 100 packs. The sketch cards are completely unique pieces of original art which makes them quite valuable to fans and collectors.
 This was a lot of fun for me. I rarely draw directly from reference but I think that it’s a great exercise. It works a different part of your brain than creating an image from nothing.  Sketching from real life reference keeps you in touch with how things really look. It was also a lot of fun to watch those films from scene to scene looking for the shots I wanted to draw. It makes you realize just how many great shots there are and how well those movies are done.

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9 Responses to Entry 26: Lord of the Rings Sketch Cards

  1. gdg says:

    absolutely amazing cards, man.. šŸ™‚

    • Thanks, Grant. And Thanks for hooking me up with the gig. With my drawing 3 unusable cards and being a little late, I hope I wasn’t more trouble for Dave than I was worth.
      By the way, just checked out your LJ. Thanks for posting the links to those David Lynch videos. I’ve seen the ipod one before but not set to the music. Hilarious.

      • gdg says:

        no problem, man. šŸ™‚ and don’t worry, i’m sure dave’s more than happy with your cards.. i’m willing to bet you’ll be asked back for more sets.. indy 4, star wars (clone wars!), etc.
        are you going to san diego comic-con this year? if so, you’ll have to swing by and say hey.. i’ll be in artists alley.

  2. snar_fled says:

    So which cards did you decide to keep?

    • I haven’t gotten my cards back yet, and since I didn’t have time to make them extra special I can’t even remember which ones they are. I think there are at leased 3 in this post. When I get them back I’ll post them.

  3. aimo says:

    Nice! You definitely nailed down the likenesses of the actors. Cards to look out for, surely…

    • Thanks, Aimo. Yeah likenesses can be tricky, But not getting to do likenesses can be even more tricky. When I did the King Kong Movie adaption I wasn’t allowed to draw likenesses which sucked.
      Anyone reading this should click over to Aimo’s LJ. She did Lotr cards as well and they look great.

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