Entry 17: Available This Week!

Both these books are out this week November 7. If you pick them up, come by and let me know what you thought.
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6 Responses to Entry 17: Available This Week!

  1. aimo says:

    Looking good! I’ll be sure to check them out…I’d actually love to have the handbook’s cover as a poster…multi-character montages are always epic impressive.
    November is really a good month to be a geek, whether it’s comics or video games 🙂

  2. exiter says:

    both covers are fantastic

    • The cover for #22 was done by Colin Wilson and I agree that it’s a good one. Colin filled in for Jan Duursema on a few issues of Legacy and I really liked his stuff. I think Jan is most Star Wars fan’s favorite comic artist, and I think his work got over looked and not fully appreciated because it wasn’t Jan’s. But, in my opinion, Colin has done some of the best SW comic work recently, and as I understand it, he’ll be taking over Rebellion at some point.

  3. Great covers, and once I opened them up it was even better. Fantastic job on both, mate!

  4. tayloryeayea says:

    Thoughts on #22 and the Handbook
    Wow! awesome as always! #22 is the best yet, it’s like the who’s who of the video game! you captured them perfectly. I really like the cover art for the Handbook, I think your versions of the characters are the best anyway. Keep up the good work!

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