Entry 15: Jarael sketch

 This was a sketch I did a few months ago of the KotOR heroine, Jarael. I posted it online and it was seen by Jeremy, the series editor. He liked it and asked if he could use it in the KotOR Handbook. Of course I said yes, so this piece will officially be the first published work of mine that I colored myself.
 The Handbook looks like it will be out this week, Nov 7. It offers up a lot of new info shedding light on all the characters some vehicles and locations. Art wise, it has a lot of the original character designs by Brian Ching along with scenes out of the series. For Star Wars fans who love knowing all there is to know about the continuity this will be a must have. Also, if you’re a fan of Brian’s work there’s a lot of that too. But, if you’re into my work there’s, not only the cover that I did and this Jarael piece, but also 2 space ship cross-section pieces I did. I’ll post more on those pieces after the book comes out.
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5 Responses to Entry 15: Jarael sketch

  1. gdg says:

    i looooove that picture, man. i think she’s one of the coolest lookin’ characters, too.
    btw, i know this is out of the blue, and i don’t know if you have any time at all for side projects, but if you’re interested in doing some sketch cards for topps’ upcoming ‘lord of the rings’ trading card set, let me know. i know you don’t know me, but i really dig your art and i know my editor at topps is currently looking for people for the card set. i could work my magic and hook ya up. just throwin’ it out there. 🙂

  2. black13 says:

    Wow. She’s never looked that good before.

  3. danboyd says:

    Looks good! I like the shading on the skirt.

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