Entry 9: Past Jellies

 I did both of these pieces in August for the Jelly of The Month blog. If you read my 3rd entry you might have clicked over to the Jelly of The Month and seen these pieces already. Well I’m posting them here to. So sue me.
 The subject of August’s Jelly was Video Games. I’m not a gamer. I’m not familiar with most modern games, so I had to go back to the classics. I did the Mario one first. It seemed like a no brainer. I like the world of Mario Bros. It’s really strange and kind of surreal. After I did the Mario one I got to thinking of other games I wanted to draw I really wanted to do a Mega Man. I thought of him as an 11 year old boy rather than a man. He just always struck me as being a kid. I think he’s supposed to be a robot anyway, so it doesn’t matter.
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5 Responses to Entry 9: Past Jellies

  1. aimo says:

    That’s the first time I’ve ever seen a realistic take on Yoshi, but he’s still an adorable dinosaur!

  2. hino_ai says:

    Awesome art! Great to see some of your sketches/doodles/drawings mr. Weaver 🙂

  3. andy_pandy_ says:

    Love that Mega man! Never played the game, but I’ve seen heaps of cartoony takes on him before, so it’s fun to see a more realistic approach.

  4. VERY nice work. The Mario Bros. look awesome, mate!

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